At present, I offer a mix of online yoga classes for anyone to join and covid-safe live classes where I live in Shropshire. If you’re interested in joining a class, send me an email or sign up for my occasional newsletter.

What kind of yoga?

Hatha yoga classes are a mixture of breathwork, dynamic stretching and strengthening sequences and deep relaxation. Classes are aimed at those with some experience of yoga, but can be suitable for some beginners.

Yin yoga is a gentler, slow-paced style in which poses are held for a length of time, with the aim of increasing joint mobility and improving flexibility. These classes are suitable for any level, including complete beginners.

My classes are mixed ability. You don’t have to be super fit, and there are plenty of adaptations to suit different bodies and conditions.

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Individual yoga sessions

In 2020, I qualified as a Yoga Therapist, completing a two-year postgraduate diploma. As a result of this indepth and holistic course, I now offer individual sessions with a therapeutic approach.

Yoga therapy can help to improve mobility, flexibility, strength & balance, as well as offering strategies to manage anxiety, alleviate stress & work towards a greater sense of wellbeing. Fundamentally, it is about you as an individual and tailoring all that yoga has to offer to your needs.

No one size fits all. Sessions last for approximately one hour, though it varies slightly depending on the client’s needs. The first session is usually longer as we talk about any medical issues and what you want to get out of the sessions. 

Sometimes an individual will benefit from ongoing sessions every few weeks or monthly for some time, and sometimes a couple of sessions are enough to start someone off on a practice of their own. Sessions are usually held in the client’s home, and are often incorporated into yoga retreats and breaks.

To ask about an individual session, please email me on or send me a message from the contact page.

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