About Vicky

Two threads weave together to create wellbeing in my life; yoga and nature. My work over the past 30 years has evolved around these threads into inspiring others to discover wellbeing through these pathways.

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Vicky and yoga

My understanding of wellbeing started as a seven-year-old going to a children’s yoga class in the local community centre run by my mum’s yoga teacher. I can still remember the smell of the room, the gentle voice of the yoga teacher and the feeling of dreamy happiness I had at the end of every class. 

At some point in teenage years, I realised I had been led to a state of ‘wholeness’ or complete wellbeing that I could always connect back to through a practice of physical yoga, breathing, relaxation and meditation. 

In my twenties, after years of trying out different yoga classes, I immersed myself in yoga life, living in an ashram for a year and a half and training to be a yoga teacher. Ever since, I’ve been on a continuous learning journey and share these learnings through teaching.

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Gardening courses

Vicky and nature

Throughout childhood I had a love of being in nature with plants, gardens and wildlife. Again, the sense of wholeness, of being renewed, was always present whenever I was outside with my hands in the earth and the rain, wind or sun on my face. 

This grew into various gardening businesses, growing vegetables, flowers and plants of all types in backyards, allotments, gardens and fields of varying sizes and states of wilderness. 

About 15 years ago, I developed my gardening business into a cut flower business; trialling and growing different varieties, designing and selling hand-picked bunches and bouquets. After a while, I was asked to give talks on how to grow flowers for cutting to local groups, which expanded into workshops. 

And finally to here and now, inspiring others to grow their own in gardening workshops.